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 ​​Clay County Communities                                                          Revitalization Association

Historic Courthouse

​​​Preservation and restoration of the iconic ​​Historic Courthouse​, listed on the  National  Register of Historic Places ​, for generations to come, is a key focus of ​Clay County Communities Revitalization Association.  

In early 2017, ownership of the Courthouse was transferred from Clay County to the Town of Hayesville.  Subsequently, CCCRA signed a long-term lease for the Courthouse building, greenspace and gazebo, ensuring stewardship of the property of decades to come.
Interested in reserving the
Historic Square (Courthouse Greenspace)
for your next event or gathering? 
Download the registration form and deliver to: Hayesville Town Office
56 Sanderson St, Hayesville, NC 28904
(828) 389-1862
    Historic Square Registration Form


  1. Restored Beauty - May 2017
    Restored Beauty - May 2017
  2. Facelift Complete - May 2017
    Facelift Complete - May 2017
  3. Great Gathering Place - Summer 2017
    Great Gathering Place - Summer 2017
  4. Courthouse Interior
    Courthouse Interior
    The Board toured the interior at its June 2017 Board Meeting
  5. Elevator Pit
    Elevator Pit
    Excavation for the new elevator. (Aug 15, 2017)
  6. Elevator Foundation
    Elevator Foundation
    Work in process on the elevator foundation. (Aug 17, 2017)
  7. Brick Repointing
    Brick Repointing
    Craftsman James Cross carefully repairs the brick and mortar to the exterior. (Aug 17, 2017)
  8. Title 32
    Title 32
  9. Retrofitting for new joists
    Retrofitting for new joists
  10. Interior Demolition
    Interior Demolition
  11. Cupola Medallion
    Cupola Medallion
    Hand-painted by Rob Tiger
  12. The Lady in the Snow
    The Lady in the Snow
    December 2017
  13. Removal of 2nd Story Floor
    Removal of 2nd Story Floor
  14. Interior Work
    Interior Work
  15. Structural Repairs
    Structural Repairs
  16. New concrete floor
    New concrete floor
  17. Down to the studs
    Down to the studs
  18. Floor joist replacement
    Floor joist replacement
  19. New second story subfloor
    New second story subfloor
  20. Looking Up
    Looking Up
  21. New 2nd Story Flooring
    New 2nd Story Flooring
  22. View to the top
    View to the top
  23. Description

Beginning in 2000, CCCRA launched a project to stabilize the courthouse exterior and replace the dilapidated windows. In May 2010, CCCRA 
began to fashion and fund a plan to rehabilitate the courthouse and to restore it to its rightful place as the heart of Clay County.


 The building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places , is being restored. Scroll through the photo gallery on the left for more photos of the current work.

(UPDATE:  February 2018): 

If you've been to the Square lately, you can't miss the buzz of activity at the Historic Clay County Courthouse. Now that the structural issues have been addressed, Robert Penland and his subcontractors are working at a rapid pace. Roof trusses are being reinforced. Electrical and plumbing rough-in is complete on the main level, and the HVAC rough-in is almost done.  Selection of period-appropriate plumbing and lighting fixtures is complete, and the team is selecting new doors that capture the era while meeting today's codes. Repair and restoration of interior walls, a four-step process, is underway, and our team is researching paint colors to match the original. 

CCCRA VP Barbara Deas leads a new subcommittee whose role is to develop the marketing, operations and maintenance of the courthouse after restoration is complete.  Barbara's pulled together a prestigious team of volunteers:  Michael Borkman, Marsha Christy, Alice Dickerson, Bob Moffit, Charles Penland, Steve Swanson and Kay Worden.  Thanks in advance to all for their dedication and service.

CALLING ALL COLLECTORS & HISTORIANS!  Check those family photo albums!  Interview your parents and grandparents!  Clean out the old barn!  CCCRA needs old photos of the Historic Clay County Courthouse to help us restore her accurately.  We believe there may be original materials like doors, moldings, handrails and the like still around.  We'd love to bring them home.  Contact Rob Tiger at (828) 389-6531 or Bob Hanson at (828) 389-1181. 


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