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 ​​Clay County Communities                                                          Revitalization Association

Cherokee Culture

The Mission of the​ Clay County Communities Revitalization Association (CCCRA) is to
stimulate economic growth, promote the assets, and preserve the heritage of Clay County.

An integral part of Clay County's heritage is the culture of the Native American ​Cherokee Culture.  Examples of CCCRA's focus on the Quanassee (Cherokee) culture include:

  • Developing and maintaining the Cherokee Botanical Sanctuary 

  • Branding of the Quanassee Path: A Cherokee History Trail celebrating five Cherokee-related sites in downtown Hayesville

  • Providing educational programs and workshops for students of all ages - Call (828) 389-3045
  1. The "Trickster" from Cherokee lore
    The "Trickster" from Cherokee lore
    Discover more about Clay County's Cherokee History at Chatuge Dam and Fort Hembree Site.
  2. Cherokee Arts
    Cherokee Arts
    See examples of Cherokee art at the Cherokee Homestead Exhibit, Cherokee Cultural Center and at the Cherokee Heritage Festival.
  3. The Quanassee Path
    The Quanassee Path
    The two-mile Cherokee History Trail journeys through 10,000 years of history and visits five sites of historical significance.
  4. Educational Programs Available
    Educational Programs Available
    ... for elementary, middle and college level students. Customized programs available on request. Call 828-389-3045 to discuss learning more about Cherokee culture.
  5. Spikebuck Mound
    Spikebuck Mound
    In early 1700’s, Cherokee were centered at Spikebuck Mound, north of Hayesville on the Hiwassee River bank. (See on Quanassee Path.)
  6. Cherokee Botanical Sanctuary
    Cherokee Botanical Sanctuary
    ... is a pedestrian-friendly 0.3-mile walk through stands of native trees and plants, including those used by the Cherokee for medicine, food, and daily living.